McLaren P1 is declared Race-ready for International Motor Show

McLaren has been promoting the production-ready P1, a new supercar based on the company’s long experience with Formula One racing.  The latest information from the company highlights some of the aspects of “Race” mode for the speedster.

The McLaren P1 can be put into “Race” mode for track readiness, stiffening the suspension, activating deployment of the adjustable “active” rear wing extends, and modifying the dashboard readout to a Formula 1 setup for the driver.

This readout includes a “shift indicator” at the top in F1 traditional green, red and blue.  Other information changes to display Newton meters (Nm) of output and engine temperature.  See the gallery below and the video from McLaren for an illustration of how all this works.

The McLaren P1 debuts officially at a press conference on March 5th in Geneva.

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Aaron Turpen
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