Peter Dempsey’s amazing Win at Freedom 100 is the Best in Indy Lights history! [VIDEO]

peter dempsey

Peter Dempsey won the Freedom 100 in the Indy Lights series which can only be described in one word, amazing!  He won the Freedom 100 in what looked like a scene out of a movie.  You can check out the video of Peter Dempsey’s amazing win here:

The win is being described by many as the closet finish in Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s history and possibly one of the best finishes in racing history.  Originally it seemed Gabby Chavez, Carlos Munoz, or Sage Karam were going to win the race as they entered the final turn 3 cars wide.  Then.. Dempsey made his move coming out of the final turn and onto the straight away, making the the finish 4 wide at Indianapolis and coming in with a photo finish win.  The margin of victory was .0026 of a second is pretty damn close.

This is the first win for Peter Dempsey in Indy Lights and it couldn’t have come closer.  The 27-year old Irishman can now celebrate not only his win, but that fact that he is an internet and racing sensation now.

Adam Yamada-Hanff
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