Nom Nom – Ford bacon-wraps the 2014 Fiesta

As we all know, bacon is the food of the gods. This is as American a sentiment as is apple pie and home ownership. Even vegans have to admit that bacon is a likely exception to the whole “no meat” rule. As they say in Ohio, nothing says “pork me!” like bacon.

So when Ford offered up this automotive wrap featuring the universally mouth-watering stuff, it was the source of instant headlines. Most of them breakfast-themed, since many misguided individuals like our friend John Goreham are under the misconception that bacon is only good as a breakfast treat. To that I say “Bah! Eat it whenever you’d like!”  It’s not like we restrict other godly foods like cheesecake and ice cream to only being eaten at certain hours of the day.

Ford created the bacon-wrapped 2014 Fiesta as a tribute to that most important of holidays, International Bacon Day, in celebration of the savory main course that is thin-stripped pork. Actually, Ford called it a “side dish” in their press release, but we all know that’s just political correctness for the Dr. Oz crowd.  Bacon is meant to be treated thusly:


The great news here is that if you want a bacon-wrapped Fiesta, you can get it. The wrap option is being offered at dealerships on special order with the new 2014 Ford Fiesta as of now.  The wrap consists of ten giant strips of bacon wrapped around the car over whatever existing color scheme the owner prefers.

Options can also include Bacon Racing Strips, which are two pieces of bacon running up the Fiesta’s hood like racing stripes. Or a Side of Bacon, which has two strips of bacon wrapping around the rear wheels – popular for those on a diet, Ford says.

In case that’s not enough metaphors for you, Ford’s Liz Elser, Fiesta marketing manager, says “Our customers have a hunger for self-expression.”

The bacon wraps are available from Ford Custom Graphics and 3M Original Wraps.


Aaron Turpen
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