Podcast 22 – Electric glide, electric FIRE, and Kia gets an ‘Electric Soul’

This week, the boys dive into a lot of cool stuff after-SEMA. Many of which involve electric vehicles – which often come up during the week leading into the LA Auto Show where they’re generally the hottest topic.

  • A third (count ’em, THREE) Model S caught fire after an accident involving breach of the battery wall, which Adam covered here. The owner of that car posted a letter about the incident, which you can read here. Not long after, the Tesla assembly plant caught fire and injured some employees. Not a good couple of months for Tesla Motors, to be sure.
  • The Koreans, by way of Kia, are introducing a new EV to market in the U.S. It will debut at the LA Auto Show and be based on the Kia Soul.
  • Not to be outdone, the Japanese fired back with a Yamaha to debut at the Tokyo Motor Show this week. Electric motorcycles are really on fire, though so far not literally.
  • Chevrolet plans to re-enter the midsize truck market with a new model they’re calling the Colorado. Not many details yet, but Tim Esterdahl went in-depth about what he believes the truck will need to succeed.
  • Jean Claud Van Damme proved he’s not quite dead yet and is ready for Expendables 5 (or whatever number they’re on) by doing the splits between moving Volvo trucks. Caught on video here.
  • And Tesla Motors’ Chief Executive Elon Musk made another far out announcement about his plans. Two, actually. One was the plan to design a pickup truck on the company’s electric platform, which listener fil smyth will find interesting as he often designs those on paper, and Musk’s idea of a supersonic electric passenger plane.  Far out, man.

You can also download it directly at this link as an MP3.

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Aaron Turpen
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