Price is Right contestant wins an Audi R8 Spyder convertible

audi r8 spyder

The Price is Right last Monday (December 30th. 2013) gave away it’s most expensive prize ever, an Audi R8 Spyder convertible.  Sheree Heil, the Price is Right contestant, selected the correct price which was $157,300 dollars.

The game which was played is known as “Gas Money” where the contestant must eliminate the prices that they believe are incorrect.  Sheree eliminate all the wrong sticker prices and won the Audi R8 along with $10,000 to pay for gas for the car.  (Of course there are a lot of other expenses with an Audi R8.)

Sheree was so excited when Drew Carey announced she had won the Audi, she ran around the stage a few times and hugged Rachel Reynolds, the Price is Right model.  She then climbed into her new Audi R8 convertible to celebrate.  Her excitement seemed to match the price of the car.  Check out the video here:

Price Is Right has a new record breaker! Sheree is now the BIGGEST WINNER in Price Is Right Daytime History! Taking home over 150K in cash and prizes! Wait till you see this game, what a nail biter!  

Some of you might remember the story I did when the Price is Right offered a Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder convertible.  That contestant didn’t win the Ferrari and unfortunately for some reason CBS has since made the video of the segment private.  (Meaning it is not view-able to the public.)  Previously the show has given away a Tesla Roadster but this is the most expensive car or prize that a contestant has won.

While it’s fun that Sheree won the car, she will have to pay tax on it since winning a car is considered taxable income.  That works out to $52,400 dollars roughly, which is 1/3 the sticker price of the car.  Damn IRS!  At least for Sheree Heil playing on the Price is Right was on her bucket list.

What would you do if you won an Audi R8 Spyder convertible?  Keep it or sell it?  What would you do if you won a car like an Audi R8 but couldn’t afford to pay the tax on it?

Adam Yamada-Hanff
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