Bisimoto, the outrageous, but civilized tuner works on hybrids

Bisi Hondanews
Bisi Hondanews

Bisi-superstreetonline-comWhen I first saw the Bisimoto Honda CR-Z at Cars & Coffee I wondered what tuner could still surprise me there. Did someone finally see the potential with the CR-Z and gave it what it begs for? This CR-Z growled, looked threatening, and is street legal. Intriguing, to say the least.

Bisimoto, the gentleman tuner

Tuners come in roughly two shapes, those who only know the on and off switch, and those who understand the finer subtleties in between. I’m happy to report that Bisi falls into the latter. If you meet Bisi, he will strike you as a different breed of tuner. Well mannered, soft spoken, it’s hard to see him get down under a car, but after having driven the Bisimoto Honda CR-Z, one thing is clear, Bisi has what it takes – and more. Bisi’s cars, no matter how outrageous, are drivable. To quote Bisi, even your grandmother could drive the 1,000+ HP Honda Odyssey, a testament to his engineering and vision.

Smoking Bisi Odyssey
Smoking Bisi Odyssey

What is also unique with him is that given the relative small of his operation, his work matches that of those much bigger tuning companies. The time and effort Bisi puts into each car is impressive. He won’t just slap on a turbo and tweak suspensions. He will downsize that turbo if the car becomes un-drivable. What really impressed me was how interested he is with the electric drivetrain. Bisi too, sees the future with the electric motor either as part of the solution, or simply the solution.

Bisi on electricity

So, why dabble with a hybrid powertrain? The answer is interesting and shows that Bisi is a forward thinker with a keen eye on the future. With his chemical engineering background and his parents are chemistry scholars, he understands a thing or two about gasoline, oil and other chemistry. Still, tackling a hybrid drivetrain is another story. We’ll also give Honda most of the credit for putting him up to the challenge.

The CR-Z Honda gave to Bisimoto had to keep the original drivetrain, i.e. the hybrid system and IMA engine. Bisi’s choice was very limited and the results speak volumes. In his own words, it was one of the greatest automotive challenges he faced. In the end, the Bisimoto Honda CR-Z produces a whooping 533HP with a very sweet 400 ft. Lb. of torque. Best part of it, it is very drivable. My first experience with it made me feel I could drive it every day to work.

Looking at the other cars Bisi works on, there is mostly Honda, Porsche and now Hyundai. Most made well over three to four times the original amount of power they originally had, but still can be driven by anyone. Bisi reminds me of those very rare tuners who deserve a place in the history of automotive by boosting the performance without sacrificing the result. His cars are sensationally powerful, can be driven any time of day, and that is something we don’t always get in the tuner world.

We look forward to Bisimoto’s ext adventure in the hybrid, and hopefully electric vehicle (EV) world. Anyone wants to donate a Tesla Model S?

Find out more on his YouTube channel.

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