The Beautiful Shield Named Alfa Romeo Giulietta

by Luke Peters

Out of all of the car manufacturers in the world, very few if any of the vehicles they produce can come close to comparing with the high quality that the Alfa Romeo offers, and this is made very prominent with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.  With a healthy consideration for Alfa Romeo’s history of creating some of the finest, safest yet still quite affordable vehicles (Alfa Mito, Alfa 159, Alfa Disco Volante and Alfa 4C are all excellent reminders) one can still find a particular allure about it that sets it apart.  One would be hard pressed to find any car on the planet that can offer what the Alfa Romeo Giulietta provides so generously.


The very first thing most people will notice about Alfa Giulietta is her style, and she has plenty of it even by Alfa Romeo’s high standards.

* Upon first inspection of the interior with the doors closed one will notice how comfortable the custom made leather seating feels as well as the acoustics of the sound proofed walls, allowing for a peaceful drive even through the cacophony of city driving.

* The iconic Alfa Romeo ‘shield’ which adorns the front grille portion of the Alfa Giulietta (crafted from quality chrome) is slightly more elongated than its siblings in the Alfa Romeo family which is still very pleasing to the eye.

* The steering wheel takes some inspiration in its design from the Alfa Romeo shield emblem and has aluminum insert as its center and is in a three-spoke style, an extra touch of class just for the driver.

* The head and tail lights (which also come with fog lights) use quality LEDs to light up those dim night drives.

As far as safety goes, the Alfa Giulietta is one of the best in its class on the market ever.

In the event of a collision, safety of the driver and passengers will be ensured by six airbags three-point seatbelts with “double pretensioners and load limiters”, collapsible pedal unit and steering column and second-generation anti-whiplash system (reminiscent of the Alfa Romeo 159 or Mito which have anti-whiplash seats that also come standard).

All along the front bumper and hood of Alfa Giulietta is built to prevent intrusions into the driver’s side and passenger compartments.

Even in the worst conditions, the steering, braking, suspension and chassis are all customized to enable absolute control for the driver.

The goal of its design was intended to achieve the five star award from the Euro NCAP (New Car Assessment Program) and has succeeded in that goal quite clearly with its extensive protection of the driver, passengers and control that even allows for greater safety to pedestrians.

The Alfa Giulietta is equipped with a TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) as standard and monitors air pressure inside every tire and notifies the driver if there is any pressure loss (this function also assists with tire lifetime management and optimal fuel management).

* There is also a DRL (Daytime Running Light) function included which automatically turns on the sidelights (a feature not included in some new vehicles) when the car is started to offer greater safety when trying to maneuver out of an area with poor illumination.

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is quite obviously one of the most beautiful and protective vehicles available on the market. The shockwaves of its influence on the industry will likely be felt for some time, with many big-name manufacturers copying the elements they can legally get away with. However, most people favorite Alfa Romeo cars of all time are Duetto Spider, 33 Stradale, 8c Competizione, Montreal and Alfa GTV6.