Tony Stewart Doesn’t Apologize for Murder (VIDEO)

tony stewart

On August 29th Tony Stewart held a press conference in Atlanta regarding murdering Kevin Ward Jr on a racetrack in upstate New-York.  In Stewart’s statement, which was about two minutes, he did not apologize for murdering Ward nor did he show much sympathy toward the family.  It was mostly a bunch of rehearsed press relation fluff that he said while pretending to be upset about killing a man.  The entire press conference is about 10 minutes with Brett Frood, who is with Stewart-Haas racing which is the racing company Tony Stewart co-owns.

Tony Stewart Press Conference

“I understand all of you have many questions and all of you want answers, but however, I need to respect the ongoing investigation process and cannot answer.” said Stewart in his statement regarding the fact he blatantly killed a man on a racetrack.  This clearly means he cannot perform his job since amatuer drivers were able to avoid hitting Kevin Ward.  I thought NASCAR drivers were skilled?  I guess not.

Second in charge of Steward-Haas racing, Brett Frood (an idiot), started answering questions from members of the press for the other eight minutes of the press conference.  He was cagey and unclear. He did however say it is a, “Tragic accident” regarding the murder of Kevin Ward by Tony Stewart.  He also said, “We’ve been respecting the process of the investigation.”  Probably meaning Stewart is going to jail since the case will be heard by a grand jury in New York.  It’s unclear what they will decide but the video evidence is pretty clear cut in my opinion.

I was surprised that NASCAR officials let him race that weekend after this statement by Tony Stewart since Brett Frood admitted, “Well you just saw Tony, it’s been a difficult two weeks.” Regarding his emotional state.  If he is that upset, isn’t it dangerous to let him race?  Especially since he purposely kills people when they are on the racetrack?  I guess this is what NASCAR fans like to watch and officials thought, “Hell, we only make left turns.  You don’t need a brain, emotions, or skill to do that in a car!”

Impressive acting by Stewart during this press conference.  Maybe he should change careers before he goes to jail.

If you have an opinion about Tony Stewart murdering Kevin Ward, let us know below.