Fan-funded Race Team Bringing Bentley Back to GT

Brookepseed Bentley Racing Club is bringing the “privateer spirit” back to endurance racing with the Bentley Continental GT3 thanks to fan and crowd-funding. The team and car will be owned by club members and will race under the Brookespeed name to try and win back the British GT Championship. The club is currently looking to find 500 members to support the endeavor. All members will share in the purchase and ownership of the GT3 racecar.


With crowd-funding now an accepted business or project funding method, it is still very new to motorsport and pioneered by BBRC, Brabham and more recently Caterham F1 who succeeded in raising enough money to return to F1 in Abu Dhabi.

Brookspeed’s crowd-funding model will give investors the opportunity of becoming not only members of the Brookspeed Bentley Racing Club, but an integral part of the race team. The tiered membership program offered by Brookspeed provides investors with a range of options, including the type of access to the inner workings of the race team and ownership privileges normally reserved for major sponsors and their guests, senior team members and manufacturers.

Drivers Andy Wallace and his former teammate from Le Mans Justin Bell are signed on and the amateur member will be Radical SR1 Cup front runner James Guess. Team principal is Martin Braybrook and several high profile partners have already joined, including legendary driver Derek Bell, Bentley Head of Motorsports Brian Gush and team manager John Wickham.


For further information and details of how to become a supporters or founder member of the Brookspeed Bentley Racing Club visit:

Aaron Turpen
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