How Is Technology Helping To Reduce Car Accidents?

The world is changing at a rapid pace. There seem to be more and more technological advances and innovations every single day. From self-driving cars to Virtual Reality technology, who knows where we’re going to be in the next couple of decades?

And one of the top areas of our lives where technology is having the most impact is when it comes to our cars. More specifically, when it comes to the safety of our cars. With car accidents being a huge factor in the deaths of many Americans every single year, it’s more important now than ever to use technology to help prevent these accidents.

But what exact technologies are working to make car accidents less common? Keep reading and we’ll take you through three of the newest technologies that are going to make our roads safer. Hopefully in the future, you’ll never have the need for a car accident lawyer ever again!

Adaptive Headlights

One of the coolest technologies that we’ve seen is something called adaptive headlights. Basically, these are headlights that turn as you turn your steering wheel. Now, you may be thinking how this is going to help in stopping car accidents, right?

Well, imagine if you’re turning right on a dark road at night. There might be no lights around and you have no way of seeing what’s ahead of you. If you have adaptive headlights that turn before you even get on the road, you’re able to automatically see if there’s a deer or another car on the road. Actually, it’s been shown that this technology has caused a 10% drop in the overall rate of car accidents in the United States.

Imagine how safe you’re going to feel when you don’t have to wonder what’s in front of you on the road.

Forward Collision Systems (FCS)

This technology is one that has huge implications on the safety of our vehicles. Forward Collision Systems, or FCS, are life-savers when it comes to accidents. Let’s imagine that you’re driving on the highway and look down to answer a text or glance over to the other side of the road (even though your eyes should be on the road!). Well, little did you know that traffic in front of you has been slowing down and has come to a stop thanks to construction up ahead. When you have FCS in your car, the technology will automatically measure the gap between you and the car in front of you, take control, and slow your car down to reduce the severity of the crash.

This has major implications on the number of crashes every year in the United States and for good reason. So many drivers get in rear-end accidents because they’re just not paying attention to the road in front of them.

Self-Driving Cars

This technology is still a bit in the future, but we’ve already come a long way in terms of self-driving cars. Companies like Uber and Tesla are already rolling out self-driving cars in their fleets, which means that it’s not going to be long before every American family has self-driving technology in their cars. But you may be wondering what this has to do with safety – surely a human driving a car is going to be more safe than a computer?

Well, not so fast! Imagine all of the car accidents that happen today. They are mostly all due to human negligence, whether that be texting while driving or falling asleep at the wheel. Imagine how much more safe our driving would be when we have super-smart technology at the wheel.

When it comes to car safety technology, the industry is changing at a rapid pace. New technology is being implemented into new car models every year, so it’s only a matter of time before car accidents are a thing of the past.

Photo by Unsplash, CC0 1.0