Why Should You Lease an Audi RS6?

In a world of trade-offs, the Audi RS6 has cracked the code.

The Audi RS6 is one car I never thought I’d need to write a piece about to convince anybody to lease. It speaks volumes by itself, and leasing it is an excellent idea. But don’t take my word for it, have a look at what you are getting in that sleek, compact beauty of a car. 

The Audi RS6 at a Glance

  • Recommended retail price: $122,633 – 143,848 (£100,750 – £118,150)
  • Color chart: Gray, Silver, White, Black, Blue Crystal and Blue Metallic
  • Door options: 5
  • Trim options: 3
  • Fuel option: Fuel
  • Miles per gallon (MPG): 21 – 30

Audi’s RS6 in Detail

Let’s dive a little deeper if you are still unconvinced and need more information before you check Audi RS6 lease deals near you. 

1. It Looks Good

It is very easy to get carried away in the specifications or performance and forget that the first thing that catches the eye is how good a car looks. Looking at the aggressive bodywork, you are convinced this vehicle is not lacking in that department. 

The ride height has been lowered, with its wider yet compact bodywork a testament to the genius of the Audi designers and engineers. 

2. Offers Sporty Performance

Sitting low on 22-inch wheels, the R6 already looks mean without mentioning the V8 engine sending 592HP to the four wheels through an 8-speed auto box. 

The result is a sporty family car that goes 0 – 62 mph in under 4 seconds and reaches 124 mph in 12 seconds. This baby has her speed electronically limited to 155 mph, but you can rise to 174 and 190 mph if you opt for a “Vorsprung” pack and add ceramic brakes. 

3. The RS6 Is Spacious

I know what you’re thinking. All that performance? The trade-off has to be space and room in the car. Think again!

The RS6 boot can swallow whatever you throw at it. Despite being much cheaper, the space in this vehicle competes directly with the Porsche Panamera Turbo Sport Turismo and the Mercedes-AMG E63 Estate. 

4. Futuristic User Interface

While this comes down to preference, I am yet to see anybody complain about the responsive touchscreen controls fitted in the RS6. You might miss the nostalgia of using buttons, but Audi already looks to the future. 

The future is a cleaner, more polished look with touchscreen controls to control minor functions in the car. You have haptic feedback to let you know when you press (or touch) a button. 

5. Pocket-Friendly Running Cost

I wish I could tell you the RS6 is the most economical car for you, but it is not, and I think you already saw this coming. All that power that gives it its astronomical performance still needs to be generated.

But how is this a plus?

Well, it is not as bad as you probably think it is. Despite this vehicle’s power and brutish nature, it is officially believed to go 22.8 miles per gallon. However, this number can be as high as 30 in certain conditions. 

6. It Speaks to Your Good Tastes

We live in a world where appearances are important. The kind of impressions you leave with people can open doors for personal and business relationships. 

It goes without saying that having the keys to the RS6 in your pocket is one of those good impressions. One glance and it is evident that you have good tastes.

7. A Lease Is Smarter for Your Pocket

Okay. You get it now. The RS6 is not an option; it is a must. But why lease it and not buy it outright? 

It’s simple. The lease is a smarter option. It allows you access to the more recent models without committing to a hefty lump sum payment.

Also, you can save a lot more on the payment if you lease than a purchase. This is especially true for self-employed business owners, who can take out a business lease. 

The lease would be off the balance sheet and would not hinder any future line of credit. You are also exempt from any company car tax as you and the business are indistinguishable. 

Beauty Meets Brawn

In a world of trade-offs, the Audi RS6 has cracked the code. It finds a way to offer a luxurious drive with a top speed that will not leave you wanting. It is a family car with an attitude, just how it should be.

Tom Brown
Tom Brown is an automotive market enthusiast living in the United States. He holds a diverse background in automotive marketing and enjoys utilizing that to produce insights into the inner workings of the industry.