2024 Audi Q8 e-tron brings electrification to luxury SUV segment

Along with a host of technology changes to make EV ownership even more seamless, redesigned steering hardware and suspension software sharpen the responsiveness of the 2024 Q8 e-tron.

Providing the most sophisticated and seamless electrification experience within the Audi portfolio, the new 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron has been refined with increased driving range, higher-power and faster charging capabilities, and improved driving dynamics compared to the prior model1,2. The latest iteration of Audi’s flagship electric SUV – the Q8 e-tron – delivers quicker acceleration with sprints to 60 mph in as little as 5.3 seconds for the Q8 Sportback e-tron with ultra package3, as well as efficiency gains through aerodynamic advancements and improvements to both battery cell chemistry and packaging4; increasing the capacity of the battery pack. The Q8 e-tron also benefits from two years of DC fast charging included at no additional cost via the Electrify America network5; true customer conveniences such as Plug & Charge6, which eliminates the need to present a separate payment card at select charging stations across the country; and one week of complimentary Audi on demand rental benefit through the Always Audi program7.

Along with a host of technology changes to make EV ownership even more seamless, redesigned steering hardware and suspension software sharpen the responsiveness of the 2024 Q8 e-tron while continuing to set standards in ride comfort to match its very quiet cabin. Elegant design enhancements not only heighten the on-road presence of Q8 e-tron models, they optimize aerodynamic function while incorporating Audi’s sleek new two-dimensional rings logo and Singleframe projection light grille.

New name highlights its position as the flagship SUV in the Audi e-tron portfolio
Following the successes of e-tron, and the brand’s commitment to fully electrify by 2030, Audi is making a clear statement that the 2024 Q8 e-tron is its flagship electrified SUV. The Q8 e-tron receives a more aerodynamic wheel lineup, along with new treatments to the front and rear fascia as part of distinguishing new design elements which serve both aesthetic and functional purposes.

To emphasize Audi’s lighting expertise, the Q8 e-tron’s Singleframe grille receives an available all-new lighting design activated whenever the headlights or parking lights are turned on. This innovative projection lighting emanates from beneath the hood line and provides visual depth to the new two dimensional Audi logo on the grille. The Q8 e-tron will also be the first Audi model to feature laser-etched model badging on the B-pillar.

Further improved aerodynamics
Beyond contributing to an even more serene EV driving experience with reductions to wind noise, the optimized aerodynamics reduce drag by more than six percent over the previous model e-tron, resulting in an improved coefficient of drag value of 0.29 in the Q8 e-tron SUV and 0.27 in the Sportback model. The improved aerodynamics contribute to the improved efficiency and range.

Maximum reductions in drag were accomplished with a new, more aerodynamic standard wheel design; by enlarging the spoilers ahead of the front axle on both SUV and Sportback models, and the addition of new rear spoilers on the Sportback models; and for the first time on an Audi model, adding a self-sealing aero system in addition to the electric shutters that automatically close off the radiator, effectively balancing cooling requirements with efficiency. Working closely with the updated design of the front fascia – which routes incoming air through apertures in the front bumper cover and helps create a virtual air curtain from the front of the vehicle – management of airflow through, around and under the car has been streamlined, lowering air resistance and providing the largest positive effect on the coefficient of drag.

Greater battery capacity, higher charging performance, greater efficiency
The 2024 Q8 e-tron features a higher-capacity battery, but one which has been engineered into the existing packaging space. The increased energy density of the battery pack can be attributed to advancements made to both the structure and manufacturing process of the prismatic battery cells.

In addition to the improved energy density, the new construction incorporates so-called “stacking” technology. This process permits better use of the casing’s physical space compared with the previous winding technology, resulting in a cell that increases capacity while taking up the same amount of physical space.

With a 23-percent greater net capacity of 106 kWh (114 kWh gross) from the previous model e-tron, the new Q8 e-tron improves on the battery pack’s usable capacity, utilizing 93 percent versus the previous 91 percent, thanks to adjustments to the battery management system. Coupled with advancements in cell technology and cell chemistry, the maximum DC charging power has also been increased from 150 kW to 170 kW, permitting recharging from 10 to 80 percent capacity in about 31 minutes. Under ideal Level-2 charging conditions, the Audi Q8 e-tron can  recharge in around 13 hours at 9.6 kW (240V/40A), or in around 6.5 hours at 19.2kW (240V/80A)8.

The asynchronous electric motor on the rear axle for the 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron was also modified and now incorporates 14 motor windings instead of 12. The increase in windings improves efficiency by generating a stronger magnetic field from a similar electrical input, which in-turn produces more torque. When additional power is not needed, the new motor topology requires less energy to generate similar torque, which reduces consumption and increases driving range.

All Q8 e-tron models benefit from Audi’s quattro all-wheel drive system thanks to asynchronous motors positioned front and rear. The Q8 e-tron is rear-wheel biased under normal driving conditions; sending most power to the rear wheels via the higher efficiency motor with 14 windings. The front axle of the Q8 e-tron is primarily utilized when higher performance is called upon, in particularly low traction situations, or where additional stability is needed, such as a slippery or curvy road. The drive of all four wheels can also be adjusted manually by selecting the drive mode. If the driver switches the shifter from “D” to “S,” the Q8 e-tron will permanently run in all-wheel drive mode with both the front and rear motors powering the wheels. As a result of the asynchronous motor construction, if there is no flow of current to the motor, the motors do not produce any drag losses and are therefore highly efficient – allowing the Q8 e-tron to achieve two-wheel drive levels of efficiency in most driving situations, while still retaining the flexibility and peace of mind that comes from standard quattro all-wheel drive.

The result of all these updates is an EPA estimated range of 300 miles for the Q8 Sportback e-tron with ultra package, an increase of around 30 percent compared to the 2023 e-tron Sportback. The range and charging improvements greatly expand the everyday flexibility and usability of the Q8 e-tron, allowing owners to travel farther and get back on the road faster; making BEV ownership even more seamless.

More responsive steering and suspension, greater driving dynamics
Owners of the 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron can expect noticeable handling and agility improvements in everyday driving, thanks to engineering efforts on multiple fronts which enhance and refine the driving dynamics Audi owners have come to expect.

The Q8 e-tron’s progressive steering is now more direct, with a quicker 14.6:1 steering ratio (prev. generation, 15.8:1) achieved through a new steering gear with the optimized gear ratio and new software implemented for improved driver feedback. The result is “faster” steering, meaning less driver input is required for the same amount of steering responsiveness, making the steering feel more direct with more communicative feedback.

Axle kinematics also play a major role, with the front-axle bearing now made more rigid. This improves on-center steering feel, permitting the vehicle to more willingly and instantly follow the driver’s steering input. With more direct steering response, the Q8 e-tron feels nimbler, more agile and lighter in terms of handling.

The vertical alignment of the suspension’s lateral and longitudinal components were also reworked to improve structural rigidity in all directions. Combined, the steering and suspension enhancements return a greater sense of immediacy and surefootedness to the owner’s inputs; especially in dynamic environments where good handling and car control are particularly important.

These efforts were aided by the Q8 e-tron’s standard adaptive air suspension, which creates a supple, controlled ride while allowing the ride height of the car to be varied by a total of 76 millimeters, or almost three inches, depending on the driving situation.

To further leverage the improved driving dynamics of the vehicle and enhance the personalization of the Q8 e-tron, the drive select functions have been recalibrated to incorporate a greater differentiation between the seven modes (offroad, allroad, efficiency, comfort, auto, dynamic, and individual), heightening tangible effect. The electronic stability control (ESC) program has also been recalibrated to allow for a more dynamic and engaging driving experience on curvy driving roads9,10.

A sophisticated, quiet, luxury interior
Befitting its flagship position within Audi’s electrified portfolio, the Q8 e-tron has the most sophisticated and luxurious interior design within the model range.

The Q8 e-tron offers standard four-zone automatic climate control with a heat pump and comfort pre-conditioning. Three-stage seat ventilation improves comfort even at warmer outdoor temperatures and is included in Premium Plus and Prestige trim lines.

A highlight among interior options, as part of the Prestige trim, the standard eight-way power-adjustable individual contour seats wrapped in Valcona/Milano leather provide pneumatic leg and side bolster adjustment, power thigh extension, and include massage functionality.

The standard glass panoramic roof visually lightens the interior and reinforces the sense of sanctuary from the outside world. The glass elements of the roof open and close electronically, with the blackout sunshade controlled just as conveniently. When open, the two-part glass roof can efficiently improve cabin ventilation, and an integrated wind deflector is built in to minimize wind noise. An available dual pane acoustic glass for the side door windows further reduces noise, imparting a sense of calm while driving.

All the Q8 e-tron interior finishes feature optional decorative inlays of open pore wood such as volcano gray ash, light brown walnut, and dark brown sycamore.

Seamless technology integration, with voice control
The Q8 e-tron uses the MMI touch response operating system. Its two large high-resolution displays– an upper 10.1-inch and lower 8.6-inch display with haptic touch technology – provide a clean, uncluttered interior design. Beyond operation with the two touch displays, many features can be activated through natural voice control.

The digital display and user experience in the Audi Q8 e-tron is complemented by the standard Audi virtual cockpit with full HD resolution display. Specific graphics depict all the important aspects of electric driving, from charging performance to range; various driver assistance functionalities, such as Adaptive cruise assist with lane guidance, and of course basic driving information, like vehicle speed.

On the Prestige trim, a standard head-up display projects critical driving information onto the vehicle’s windscreen. Audi connect® services are included as standard, and also includes a six-month trial subscription to a number of Car-to-X Services such as online traffic sign information, hazard alert and on-street parking; the package also includes the traffic light information service for select U.S. cities11.

Convenient charging solutions integrate BEV ownership seamlessly into everyday life
The 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron also arrives standard with the convenient Plug & Charge function which streamlines the charging process at selected public charging stations. At compatible Electrify America charging stations, the Plug & Charge feature will automatically authorize and confirm billing via encrypted vehicle to infrastructure (V2i) communication; activating the charger when the charging plug is inserted into the vehicle, forgoing the need to produce a credit card or RFID payment at the charger. The infotainment system’s embedded e-tron route planner can also provide guidance to charging points along the route.

Given the expectation buyers will elect to do the vast majority of their charging at home, the 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron includes a 2-in-1 charging cable capable of both 120-volt Level-1 charging via a standard household socket, and 240-volt Level-2 charging via a NEMA 14-50 outlet – such as those commonly found in RV parks – helping owners take advantage of wall plugs that may already exist, without the need to install a dedicated charging station.

To make the transition to BEV ownership even easier if an owner doesn’t already have an existing wall plug, Audi is working with Qmerit for EV charging installation. Qmerit enables drivers to take advantage of white-glove concierge home charger installation services and make the EV transition seamless. In fact, home charging hardware and its installation through Qmerit can be financed at the point of purchase and incorporated into the owner’s monthly payment12.

When Q8 e-tron owners embark on a road trip where charging may not be readily available, they have the convenience and peace of mind to know their purchase includes a week of complimentary rental services via the Always Audi program, through Audi on demand. Audi on demand is an innovative mobility program that gives customers a way to experience the Audi brand and its range of ICE and BEV vehicles with flexible short term rental and long term test-drive options at the touch of a button through an app. Currently available at 47 participating Audi dealerships across the United States, with more to come, Audi on demand offers consumers ultimate flexibility with their driving experience; whether they want to rent an ICE vehicle to take family on an extended road trip outside of established charging corridors, provide a visiting guest with temporary transportation during their stay, or even treat themselves to sample a new model for a night on the town.

Certified net-carbon neutral production
When production commenced in 2018, the Audi e-tron was the world’s first high-volume premium segment vehicle produced in a certified net carbon-neutral facility13. At its production location, Audi Brussels installed the largest solar power plant in the region, while electricity needed for production above and beyond what can be sourced on site is derived exclusively from sustainable sources. Battery suppliers are obliged to only use green power in manufacturing cells, and battery modules and cells from Hungary are transported to Brussels by rail rather than by truck; this alone contributes to an annual reduction of roughly 2,600 tons of carbon dioxide per year. All carbon emissions that Audi cannot directly offset itself are mitigated through other climate protection measures using carbon credits that are certified by non-profit organizations, The Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard.

Audi’s electrification commitment
Audi has already sold more than 150,000 units of the e-tron globally since its introduction as the brand’s first BEV in 2019. In 2022, Audi set a record for BEV sales in the U.S., finishing the year with an increase of 47 percent over 2021. The 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron represents the second-generation of Audi’s electrified U.S. portfolio, and contributes toward the brand’s goal of achieving a 30 percent electrified model portfolio globally by 2025, including fully-electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. From 2026, all new models introduced for the global market from Audi are planned to be fully-electric. Audi was one of the first automotive manufacturers to publicly support and align its actions towards the goal of full net carbon neutrality globally across the lifecycle of its vehicles by 2050 in accordance with the Paris Climate Agreement.

Audi leads all manufacturers with no less than five fully electrified models (not including various performance variants) which includes:

  • e-tron GT
  • Q8 e-tron
  • Q8 Sportback e-tron
  • Q4 e-tron
  • Q4 Sportback e-tron

Availability by summer 2023
The 2024 Audi Q8 e-tron is anticipated to arrive in U.S. showrooms by Summer of 2023 and will be followed by the introduction of the SQ8 e-tron later this year; additional details of the SQ8 will be shared closer to its arrival in U.S. showrooms.

Model Motor/Battery Drivetrain/Transmission MSRP
2024 Q8 e-tron quattro Dual asynchronous electric motors 114 kWh battery quattro® all-wheel drive Single-speed transmission $74,400*
2024 Q8 Sportback S line e-tron quattro Dual asynchronous electric motors 114 kWh battery quattro® all-wheel drive Single-speed transmission $77,800*

* Prices exclude destination, taxes, title, other options and dealer charges. Dealer sets actual price.

At Audi of America, we believe the future is electric. By 2025, our U.S. model lineup will be at least 30 percent electrified, including fully electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. Globally, we are committed to net CO2 neutrality by 2050. In 2022, Audi sold 186,875 vehicles in the U.S., sold more fully electric models than ever before, and achieved a record-breaking year in after sales. Learn more about who we are and how we’re working to create a more sustainable, innovative, and inclusive future at audiusa.com or media.audiusa.com.

This information and any vehicle specifications are preliminary and subject to change.

Additional Notes:

  1. 2024 Audi Q8 Sportback e-tron with ultra package EPA estimated range is 300 miles. Actual range will vary and depend on several factors including driving and charging habits, accessory use, temperature and topography, battery age, load, and vehicle condition. Battery capacity decreases with time and use. See owner’s manual for details.
  2. Actual charge time will vary and depends on several factors including battery age and vehicle condition. Battery capacity decreases with time and use. See dealer or owner’s literature for details.
  3. Always obey local speed and traffic laws.
  4. Information on electricity consumption, and claims of aerodynamic efficiency depend on the tires and alloy wheels used and on the equipment and accessories of the car.
  5. Included DC Fast Charging requires acceptance of Promotion Terms & Conditions, myAudi account and myAudi app. Non-transferable.  Not available for commercial use, such as ridesharing. In the event of suspected fraud or abuse or other unforeseen events, Audi of America may discontinue or modify the offer in its sole discretion.  Frequent and consecutive charging can permanently decrease battery capacity, which may not be covered by your vehicle’s warranty.
  6. myAudi services require myAudi account and acceptance of Terms of Service. Certain services may require trial or paid subscriptions, which may have their own terms and conditions.  Services through the myAudi app require cellular connectivity, network compatible hardware, and availability of vehicle GPS signal.  Not all services and features are available on all vehicles, and some features may require the most recent software update.  Standard text and data rates may apply for app and web features.   See Terms of Service, Privacy Statement, and other important information at audiusa.com/myaudi
  7. The Always Audi, Audi on Demand complimentary rental benefit must be used within the first 12 months of ownership.  Requires Audi on Demand app and acceptance of Terms of Service.  See audiondemand.com for further details.
  8. Q8 e-tron equipped with fast charging capability maximum rate of 170 kW.  Based on charging at a 170 kW or higher charger. Charging times will vary and depend on a variety of factors, including ambient temperature, charger type, battery condition and initial state of charge, vehicle condition and others. Frequent and consecutive fast charging can permanently decrease battery capacity.
  9. Driver Assistance features are not substitutes for attentive driving. See Owner’s Manual for further details, and important limitations.
  10. Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted. See Owner’s Manual for further details, and important limitations.
  11. Message and data rates apply when using myAudi app. Always pay careful attention to the road, and do not drive while distracted.
  12. Refer to your Owner’s Manual and EV charger manual for proper use. Consult with a qualified electrician regarding charger installation and always adhere to local building codes.
  13. Net-carbon neutrality certification for Brussels facility provided by testing company Vinçotte. Based on partial reduction of emissions through use of renewable energy, in addition to purchased carbon offsets.
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