Olympian Model 01 – Retro-Euro Styling, Modern EV

Underpinning the Model 01 is a U Power Tech electric vehicle chassis imported from China.

Electric vehicle startup Olympian Motors, based in New York, has debuted its first model. The appropriately-named Model 01 is a retro-styled 4-seat sedan that evokes remembrance of early model Citroen and Pininfarina styles.

The Olympian Model 01 looks like a coupe at first glance, but there are actually four doors there. The interior is as retro as the exterior, with wood and steel as the primary materials. The entire design is sustainable, with the car being made from military-grade carbon fiber, titanium, exotic wood, and faux leather.

Underpinning the Model 01 is a U Power Tech electric vehicle chassis imported from China. This provides 82 kWh of lithium-ion battery for a range of about 305 miles per charge. Output is in 400 volts to a 310-horsepower rear-axle motor that can sprint the Model 01 from 0 to 60 mph in about 5.7 seconds. Top speed is 160 mph.

The usual touchscreen in modern cars is not present in the Olympian Model 01. To keep the old world aesthetic, that is instead moved to a head-up display and voice commands. Everything, including HVAC and lighting, is controlled via that screen. Take what you will from that idea.

Safety systems are limited to airbags and laminated glass for the greenhouse and roof. The total cost for this retro-beauty? $80,000.

This article first appeared on EVmeme.com.

Aaron Turpen
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