A Day in the Life of an EV Fast Charger

Nissan Leaf
Plugged in Leaf

Nissan has produced a video celebrating National Plug-In Day (today) featuring Nissan LEAF electric car owners and their use of fast charging stations (aka DC Fast Chargers) around the Tennessee headquarters of the company.

The video is about two minutes long and includes comments from electric vehicle (EV) owners who use fast chargers regularly to keep their cars charged up. One person parks his car every day to use the charger for about 20 minutes on his 80 mile commute. Another parks during her lunch hour to eat and read emails while her car gets recharged.

Nissan says:

“At first it was just technology lovers who were early adopters. But EV customers have moved from early adopters to a more diverse and representative group of customers. They span all age groups and most income brackets. The EV customer base is increasingly more representative of the overall US population,” said Nissan Director of electric vehicles marketing and sales strategy Brendan Jones. “Also now the infrastructure makes adoption so much easier. We are working with companies, schools, businesses and governments to install more chargers across the country.”

On Sept. 24 at the Nissan Americas quick-charge station in Franklin, Tenn., EV drivers were eager to talk on camera because they are passionate about their LEAFs and have strong opinions about plugging in.

Watch the video and enjoy a National Plug-In Day event near you. Click here to find out where you can go find one.


Aaron Turpen
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