CarNewsCafe Podcast 40 – Mary Barra SNL Skit, Mustang and Top Gear’s Birthday,

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This week on CarNewsCafe Podcast 40 we get into several birthday’s in the automotive world.  Nicolas and Aaron are too busy so that leaves the best auto editor and writer in the business, Adam Yamada-Hanff, as the sole person doing the CarNewsCafe podcast this week.  That means he talks about all the stories he wrote during the week. 🙂

Do you love Top Gear?  How about Breaking Bad?  Well you might be happy to hear that Aaron Paul, who played Jesse Pinkman, completely destroyed the Top Gear celebrity track record time and currently sits on the top of the leaderboard.

More Top Gear related news, we wanted to wish a Happy Birthday to Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson who turned 54 this past week.  Apparently he shares the same birthday with Alessandro Ambrosio.  That’s April 11th in case you were wondering.

Ford is celebrating The Ford Mustang’s 50th anniversary by trying to break the world record for most e-card signatures.  Do you think they will be able to get 50,000 signatures?

For the April 6th, 2014 Saturday Night Live opening skit the writers and cast made fun of Mary Barra’s congressional testimony over the GM’s faulty ignition switches.  This portrayal of Mary Barrra by SNL cast member Kate McKinnon was pretty funny and fair in our opinion.  Let us know what you think of this SNL skit.  Also Adam is proud to say he was one of the first people to post about the Mary Barra SNL skit.

Fiat 500 Abarth and the Fiat 500 Turbo are getting automatic transmission as options for the 2015 model year.  Gearheads obviously won’t like this, but is it good or bad for Fiat as a brand?  Are people not interested in driving stick shifts?

Slow Mo Guys posted a video of Ken Gushi splashing them with a Scion FR-S.  Is it as good as their other cool car video  airbags deploying in slow motion?  I personally don’t think this puddle splash video was as cool but I explain why.

Spring Cleaning?  What should you do with all those old car magazines?  Recycle the magazines?  Keep the car magazines, recycle, turn them into an art project?  Adam talks about it and his suggestions.

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Adam Yamada-Hanff
Adam has always loved cars and anything with wheels. When he is not writing about interesting stories you might find him jamming on his saxophone, watching movies, creating art, or playing with his two dogs.