Ready To Change? Mercedes Reveals Exciting New Developments

The 2016 Paris Motor Show is set to start this Saturday and last throughout the next couple of weeks. Big names in the automobile game will be showing off new concepts, models, and tech at the event. You can count on plenty of new car news coming to public attention this October.

The press day has just ended, and already things are getting exciting. Mercedes-Benz has been showing off some of their exciting new models and concepts. Their “Ready To Change?” campaign involves new developments with a focus on innovative technology. Here are some of their new projects worth checking out.

Mercedes E-Class All-Terrain

A Mercedes vehicle you can expect to see in dealerships soon is their new E-Class All-Terrain model. It’s planned to go on sale next Spring and has a lot to offer. As well as powerful off-road capabilities, it’s also designed to be a practical family vehicle.

It fits in line with the brand’s focus on catering to all kinds of drivers. They have vehicles for all purposes on the market, making them top seller for luxury autos in 2016. Their cars are more available than ever to consumers thanks to affordable plans and Mercedes lease deals. This has helped their brand a great deal.

The E-Class All-Terrain might be their next big seller. It’s an appealing option for drivers looking for power and practicality. The initial model will have a 2.0-liter diesel engine with 194 bhp, but other options will follow. It’s also set to include adjustable suspension and a range of useful electronic features.

The Mercedes Generation SQ

One concept car being showcased by the manufacturer is the Mercedes Generation SQ SUV. Like the Maybach, it offers four-wheel-drive and 402 bhp. The utility vehicle also has a zero-emission drivetrain system, showing the company’s focus on a green future. It’s said to be capable of 310 miles on a single charge.

Production of the vehicle is planned to start in 2019. It appears that the future is headed towards more electric vehicles. Tesla has quickly become a prominent brand by being the first to offer electric vehicles, but other brands are catching up.

Mercedes plan to have at least ten fully-electric vehicles available to consumers within the next ten years. They’ll also be implementing innovative technological features in their electronic intelligence or ‘EQ’ system. It will include autonomous driving, safety assistance and connectivity capabilities.

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6

The brand has also been showcasing their new Maybach 6. The streamlined electric vehicle mixes modern with retro. It takes inspiration from Maybach models of the 1930s, yet looks like it wouldn’t be out of place in a sci-fi film.

It’s a long, slim car. It’s almost 6-meters long but sits low and close to the ground. The headlights are tiny, and the interior doesn’t look too big either. However, the car makes the most of all its space, with a good deal of storage room in the front boot.

The coupé boasts impressive performance stats for an electric car. It offers all-wheel drive thanks to its quad electric motors. It also has sports car levels of power, with the capability to go from 0-100 km/h in less than four seconds.

Emily Muelford
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