The first-ever 2024 Lexus TX

Lexus customers have long asked for a genuine three-row SUV.

For far too long, the seat chosen in an SUV has set the tone for the journey ahead. Passengers are often left battling for the best seat, fighting for access to a USB plug in the front row or playing “Rock, Paper, Scissors” to avoid a cramped third row seat. In its new marketing campaign for the first-ever 2024 TX, Lexus embraces a new family pecking order where everyone wins. Whether a passenger prefers to sit in the front, the back, or somewhere in the middle, the TX doesn’t compromise on space, comfort, technology, or luxury.

Lexus customers have long asked for a genuine three-row SUV, and with the debut of the TX, the brand delivers more than a method of getting from point A to point B. It also ensures the journey in between is enjoyable for all.

“When headed to a sports practice with gear and kids or a long ride to a weekend getaway, the TX will satisfy and delight the diverse needs of our customers,” said Vinay Shahani, vice president, Lexus marketing. “The arrival of the TX is a pivotal moment for Lexus, and our marketing campaign showcases a new era of three-row luxury, where every seat is crafted to feel like the best seat.”

Broadcast Spots

The campaign debuts with eight broadcast spots with wide-reaching and targeted creative – each spotlighting how every seat in the TX gives your family and friends substantial space without compromising the luxurious amenities they expect.

In Team One’s spot, “Battle Out There,” a family arrives back at the airport, weary from a day of travel. Memories of their bad seats quickly fade away when they are rescued by the spacious Lexus TX. Characters are further explored in three unique :15 spots, “Cargo,” “Captain’s Chair,” and “Interface,” that highlight the family members’ individualized travel pain points, and the redemption they receive when entering each row of the TX.

In Walton Isaacson’s spot, “The Road Best Traveled,” a Black family thrives while doing unexpected things in unexpected ways with help from the TX. Meanwhile, in the agency’s second spot, “Cast of Characters,” a Hispanic family loves doing things together, but not in the same way. They find the TX’s ample space and innovative technology the perfect solution for allowing every passenger to shine.

In IW Group’s spot, “VVIPs,” we’re introduced to stylish East Asian characters in an action thriller that allows them to connect in their TX. In the agency’s second spot, “Here,” we see the lively traditions and connections between a family as they prepare for a big modern Asian Indian wedding, made possible by the TX.

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