Breaking: Henrik Fisker leaving struggling electric car company Fisker Automotive

henrik fisker

henrik fisker

Henrik Fisker, the CEO and Co-Founder of Fisker Automotive, is apparently leaving the struggling electric automaker which he helped found in 2007 and bears his name.

According to AutoCar a statement was sent to them by Henrik Fisker that read, ““Effective as of Wednesday 13 March 2013, Henrik Fisker has resigned from Fisker Automotive as executive chairman, and has left the company.”  It should be noted that Fisker has yet to confirm or deny the story from AutoCar.

If the statement is accurate and true about Henrik Fisker it comes as a bit of a surprise but is understandable considering Fisker’s current situation.  Fisker has been struggling over the past couple months with a myriad of problems.

The automaker has not been able to build any of it’s electric cars, the Fisker Karma, since July.  This is due to the fact that A123, the battery company that supplied the Fisker Karma batteries, went out-of-business.  This has thrown the company into financial trouble as it does not have any electric cars to sell to customers to make any money.  There was also a recall of the Fisker Karma over fire concerns.

The electric car company has had a series of CEO departures.  Hurricane Sandy also affected Fisker since it destroyed several Fisker Karma’s when it wreaked havoc on the East Coast.

Fisker had been planning to release a new model, the Fisker Atlantic, but due to the fact the Department of Energy did not continue Fisker’s credit line it was difficult for the company to find funding for a second electric car.  As well as all the other tumultuous problems the automaker has been facing.

It will be interesting to see what the future will be for this electric car company.

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