Watch a Price is Right contestant play for a Ferrari 458 Spyder [VIDEO]

the price is right

Some of you might remember my article from a few days ago, “The Price is Right Offers the most Expensive prize ever, a Ferrari 458 Spyder.”  This episode featured a segment with Therese, a contestant on The Price is Right, that played the game “Three Strikes” for a chance to win a Ferrari 458 Spyder convertible.

When I wrote the article CBS had not posted the segment on their Youtube channel.  However, now it is on the CBS Youtube channel for everyone to watch and enjoy.  Check out Therese playing for the Ferrari 458 Spyder below.

I like how Drew Carey comforts Therese even when it’s clear she is probably not going to win the Ferrari.  I also thought it was funny when Manuela Abrealez, the attractive Price is Right model, says “I want this car!”  I am sure a lot of guys were thinking “I want the car and her!” 🙂

Anyway, sucks Therese didn’t win the supercar but keep in mind if she did she would have roughly an $80,000 tax bill to pay to Uncle Same on the Ferrari 458 Spyder.  The sticker price for Ferrari was $285,716.  In the US winning prizes, like a supercar, is considered taxable income.

If I had won the car, I would “Drive it Like I Stole It!” for 2 weeks then sell it.  What would you do if you won a Ferrari?

Adam Yamada-Hanff
Adam has always loved cars and anything with wheels. When he is not writing about interesting stories you might find him jamming on his saxophone, watching movies, creating art, or playing with his two dogs.