2015 Alternative Energy Transportation Predictions and Happy New Year

Technically, it is still January, so I have the dubious honor of wishing you a last Happy New Year 2015.

2015 Alternative Energy Transportation Predictions

Predictions for this year are pretty simple, and will hinge upon the predictions I made last year for 2014. Last year, we witnessed less innovations and more efficiency. Our test drive of the Nissan 2015 LEAF SL certainly proved this with copious use of LED lights and other energy saving systems. I managed an incredible 84 miles of highways, local streets, traffic, 20 of which with three people and two suitcases.

2014 Nissan LEAF SL
2014 Nissan LEAF SL

If 2014 was the year of efficiency, we can see this trend growing this year. What we will witness, ad nauseam is the Internet of Things, IoT. IoT simply means connecting any devices to the Internet, with all its pros and cons. Why is that news for the car industry? As we see more connected devices, cars and even mattress sheets, it means your transportation, home, energy and more will be completely connected at all time. That also means e-Scooters are becoming, case in point, the incredible Genze 2.0 and I assume it won’t be long before the e101 will also be.

2015 Alternative Energy Transportation Predictions, The Germans

On the BMW front, we will see a lot more plug-in hybrids, PHEV. Audi is still struggling to get its own PHEVs out the door, and faces a renewed competition from its neighbors. Mercedes Daimler will play it safe, it is always does with brio. The real news will be with those companies muscling in another charging system, the Combined Charging Standard, CCS, which combines Level 2 to the SAE’s protocol into one plug, leaving behind the well established CHAdeMO and Tesla systems. Yes, another system thrown at consumers. We advise compatibility for the greatest good of consumers.

2015 Alternative Energy Transportation Predictions, The US

Detroit is trying to find its footing in an ever changing sea of consumer moods, hyperbole and more. If Tesla Motors has taunted the big three, their strength lie in foreign markets, such as China. Tesla Motors needs to show a lot of news this year to keep us hanging as it weathers delays for the Model X introduction.

2015 Alternative Energy Transportation Predictions, Hydrogen or Batteries?

Oh yes, it’s this time of year when hydrogen fuel cell comes back with a lot of force and deep pockets. As usual, follow the money trail. We will see another two waves of hydrogen fuel cell marketing campaigns throughout the year and Toyota will try to steal Honda’s lead in this field.

Happy New Year 2015

Carmakers seem optimistic, that is, if our economy survives the recklessness of politicians and their Wall Street friends. CarNewsCafe will continue to offer straightforward news, from independent writers who are not getting paid to taunt a technology over another. After all, that is the essence of free speech and free news, no?

Lastly, we welcome Curt Robbins, who is a well established author, into our growing family.


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